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The Convenience of Removable Aligners

The Convenience of Removable Aligners

Invisalign's removable aligners are a convenient and practical option for busy adults. Here are a few ways Invisalign can improve the orthodontic treatment experience.

Removable aligners make eating easy.

Invisalign requires none of the eating restrictions that come along with braces. That means you can continue to eat all the foods you love without worrying that you’ll damage your orthodontic appliances.

You can just take your aligners out to eat, and then put them back in once you’re done – just be sure to brush and floss first.

No worries about getting food stuck in your appliances.

Braces are notorious food trappers, and people with braces have to be really careful that their lunch doesn’t stay stuck in their smiles!

With Invisalign’s removable aligners, this isn’t a problem.

They also make brushing and flossing easy!

With Invisalign, you don’t need to take tons of extra time cleaning out all sorts of tiny crevices like you would with braces; you just take your aligners out, brush and floss the same way you always have, and pop them back in.

This is getting repetitive, but you get the picture… being able to take your orthodontic appliances out of your mouth can be really convenient under certain circumstances.

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